572. One

Feeling all alone

I lean on you for support

Love for you, my one

Goodbye Daddy

Charcoal drawing by Sunshine 26″x20″ approx


547. Nap

Ready for a nap

Doesn’t feel like I’ve done much

In the way of life

546. Blank

It is a blank page

The great expansion of life

Needing someĀ  colour

365 New it Daily – Apr 22/13 – Mardi Gras Coffin

My box project for Moe Trainor’s class took on a whole new spin when I put together this video inside of it. Love Mardi Gras and masks and beads. Right now it is soaking up some incense. There are flickering lights inside and the coffin is lined with plush red velvet that looks like dripping blood.

Coffin Mardi Gras

Box Art by Sunshine

545. Nothing

Taking things to heart

That have nothing to do with

Me to begin with

Sound Of Cannons: March 2010

544. Action

Learning and growing

Real estate investing group

See some action now

543. Little

A short little break

Ready for summer season

My school works keeps on


542. Caught

When I get these done

Caught up I will really be

School work is complete

John St Rd Thunder Bay

Photo by sunshine

541. Gemstones

Sparkly gemstones

My internal little ones

Diamonds in the dark

540. Quiet

My lovely haikus

To inspire and uplift you

Those quiet insights