236. Absent

I can’t find the love

I had once felt just for you

Seemingly absent

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235. Insanity

You are such a jerk

What was it I saw in you?

Insanity plea

234. Wanderlust

Having wanderlust

Going where the spirit flows

Is quite refreshing

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233. Pinches

My heart is hurting

Even thinking about you

It pinches inside

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232. Rage

It is all but rage

That is building up inside

Ready to explode

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365 New it Daily – Sat May 26/12 – Day 222 – Water Kefir

Someone posted in the Thunder Bay homeschooling group about having water kefir babies to share. I thought yes! as we can’t do dairy and I haven’t been making kimchi lately as I’ve run out of Korean red pepper flakes and apparently water kefir is full of pro-biotics. They are also high in B vitamins and for vegans, B-12. Nice!

Here’s my water kefir recipe:

1/4 cup water kefir

1/4 cup sugar

1 slice lemon

1 Tablespoon molasses

1/2 un-sulfured date or fig

4 cups de-chlorinated water at room temperature (boil tap water and let it cool or let water sit out on the counter 24 hours uncovered)

Stir together in a glass container – cover with soft cloth – let sit 24-48 hours at room temperature – strain – strain out kefir grains to use again – can drink immediately or store in fridge capped up to a week. Can add 1/2 cup fruit juice if desired.

Want some kefir babies? Send an email to 365artbysunshine@gmail.com and if I have any extras I’ll email an address to which you would need to supply sufficient postage and an envelope.

231. Nope

Upon my shoulders

The garbage you try to put

It is not my own

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365 New it Daily – Friday May 25/12 – Day 221 – Easy Weight Loss

Happy Hot Chocolate - Bean Fiend

Photo by Sunshine

Nancy lost over 55 lbs since I seen her last. Minimal exercising. She said that she is not eating carbs and sugar and doesn’t miss them at all. She says she feels great. The food choices she made are based on a book by Dukan, called the Dukan diet. We went for a chat at Bean Fiend where Nancy got this awesome looking hot chocolate, they also have gluten, vegan treats too and delicious coffee.


230. Lychee

Foco Lychee Drink

Trickling down a parched throat

My happy tummy

Photo by Sunshine

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365 New it Daily – Thursday May 24/12 – Day 220 – Zombie Cut and Paste

Cut and paste, you say? Well, yes this is new – new in Photoshop. Again, for my course with Moe at Lakehead University, Computer Art; blur project. How hard could this be? It took me 1 1/2 weeks straight and lots of frustration to get this to where it now is. The end result? Awesome.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood: Love Zombies. The one in the middle is coming to get you. Run!

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Photo by Sunshine